Strange traffic from reddit

Hi forum members!
In this morning I checked my GA account and I found out a strange situation - at least for me!
I received some visits from Reddit, I checked the source traffic but I didn’t fin any backlinks to my website. The two sources didn’t mention my website…nothing related to me. My issue is how these two sources brought me traffic? How GA consider reddit as a referal???
Thanks for any opinion!

There is some kind of spam attack. I also got it from reddit.ĸercom_original_idn_fake_safe_best_on_ff/

Hi kauan,
do you have any additional information? Did you take some actions against?

I also got it from reddit.

I saw a bunch of these weird unicode titles the other day in a bunch of subs and didn’t know what was going on. I bet they were just duplicates of old threads.

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Reddit removes reported threads quite often. First some spammer posts a thread using your link and it gains traction. Then the community notices it and reports it too. After that the thread it removed. That is one explanation I can think off. I see that some of them are from comments. The same happens to spam comments. Autobots that put any nonsense with an URL are ofter reported and removed.

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Is it possible that Reddit to ask Google to penalize the websites that are “victims”? I must confess that these spams methods brought me hundreds of visits.

As long as your links dont stick around in unwanted places, I think there is nothing to fear. Any traffic that comes in is welcome. the links are disappearing after sending you the traffic. Check traffic quality - is it high bounce rate stuff? If yes, it may be a slight disadvantage. But again I dont think referral traffic bounce rate means much.

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You could always create a filtered view, defining custom rules to exclude the traffic from Reddit or even more specific threads or comments.

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referral traffic bounce rate is the same as it was a few weeks ago.:wink:

I didn’t know how to set up filtered view. I will consult your article and I will try to apply. Thanks a lot for your piece of advice!

Looks like a harmless spam attack. Did anybody got hurt?

I also had issues with this

A good method to find where your domain has been linked in a post on Reddit is to add it at the end of this link:

Obviously, replace with your domain. In order to find it in the comments, use the search function.

Im with Brentroose, having spam or rogue referrals skews the data in Analytics and it can be frustrating, there is a chap in Samara in Russia that likes to mess about with your Analytics, I tend to create filters in Analytics to tackle the problem, especially for areas that I’m not really trying to target, you can create view filters to remove countries or cities & towns so that data is not shown…

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