Spam Backlinks and Google Ranking? Any Idea?


Is that getting links for a website on a junk spam site, for increasing the load of visitors affects the ranking? How do Google treat those websites.

Consider - I am promoting a page which has - Hot and sexy pictures of Ash. Rather doing the same kind of promotions. If I get link from junk sites which gives me lot of visitors, what will be the effect.

Do Google penalize my website for doing so. Will it affect my rankings?:shifty:

I do not believe you’ll get penalized, you cannot control the links coming from different sites, can you? :slight_smile:

I doubt that spammy links will have a positive effect on your site’s rankings.

As far as a negative effect goes, some people believe that spammy backlinks will harm your site, whilst others believe they won’t. The second party’s argument is that if spammy backlinks could harm your site, then you could just point those kinds of backlinks at your competitors and blow them out of the water.

Read this to get an interesting angle.

Here, Google are saying that it’s useless to try to harm your competitors’ sites with spammy comment links (providing that your competitors are following Google Webmaster Guidelines).

Could you generalise that to mean that no spammy inbound links can harm another site (or yours)? I don’t know, it’s your call :slight_smile: