Does .info ever get page 1 on big G?

I’ve had several .info sites that I could never get on page one of my Keyword even if the keyword was my domain name.
Anyone else have this issue?

You are not right if think that domain name (or domain name extension) can help you somehow improve your SEO. Just concentrate on the content optimizing and link buildingand forget about that.

No, I think it’s all about the right optimization. For example once I had .com name and my competitor had .info all the same keyword. And he was getting much better ranks than I with my .com. I think he was doing much more optimization than I did and that’s why he had better ranks.

afaik the domain name is irrelevent in determining your page rank.

it is your content and how it is optimised for search engines that determines the ranking you will get.

There’s no help