Keyword rich domain

I have a keyword rich domain. .net and .com for this keyword rich domain have already been availed by a reputed company. When i enter this domain with .net and .com. It redirects to another page which is company’s home page. Is there a chance that i can top on google with this keyword? Can i beat a pagerank 7 webpage?

Having specific keywords in your domain name is practically useless from an SEO perspective. The search engines care far more about the content on your pages than they do the domain name. With the correct content and natural linking structure, you can beat any other website to the top of Google with any keyword, it’s just going to be a lot of work and a little luck. If I were you, I would focus my efforts on useful content for the user rather than immediate rankings. With good content will come links which brings better rankings.

By the way, pagerank has very little to do with the actual position in the SERP.

One reason that it appears that exact match domains do better, is because a lot of people link to a site with the domain name as the anchor text, so if you have the keywords in your domain name you will naturally receive more links with the keywords in the anchor text.

Google is taking steps to cut down on the effectiveness of exact match domain names. JeffWalden is right, focus on the content of your site rather then the domain name.

Google will be looking at why exact domain matches rank so well. For example, if you have a site at it may rank a bit too well for the keyword phrase [blue widgets].

There are many factors that go into the ranking process, yes keyword rich domain do help, but there’s far more to the process than that.

There also an anomaly with keyword rich domains

They are helpful in regards to SEO
They’re notoriously poor when it comes to ‘branding’

Whatever choice is made in the end it will come down to quality, be that optimisation features, build structure, link building or the sites purpose

Got to agree with Jeff. You can rank for keywords which are not even in your domain name.

In our experience, we’ve ranked on the term Pad wallpaper even if we don’t have iPad in our domain name. Just be consistent with your SEO techniques and just follow white-hat strategies.

Just one advice, if you want to buy that domain for targeting keywords then drop the idea.

On the other hand, if that domain will help you in branding your website then go for it.

To cut the story short… Use your domain name for branding yourself not for keyword targeting. There are several other ways to target keywords.

Good advice.

If you’re searching for cheap blue widgets and you see a site with an address like, is your first thought going to be (a) that looks like a high quality site, or (b) that looks like a spammer, scammer or squatter? I know which one comes to my mind, and it isn’t (a)!