Page name - repeating domain name?


Google looks for keywords to rank pages. If the keyword is in the domain name, is it worth repeating it in the page name?

For example:
Would you have page names:

Or because the keyword is in the domain name would you omit it from every page name?
Obviously if you did not have the keyword in the domain name, you would benefit from adding it to the page name.


As we’ve explained elsewhere, what Google is interested in is whether or not the contents of the page match the search term. You can add whatever keywords you like to the URL, but if the page doesn’t meet the criteria, it won’t help. On the other hand, if your page does meet the requirements of the search term, then it won’t matter what it’s called.

Write URLs which will help visitors to know where they are on the site. Any SEO benefit from keywords in the URL are going to be negligible.

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