I have a newbie question regarding domain and SEO.
Let’s say I buy a domain name with the url being exactly the search phrase for my targeted keywords would I be pretty high in Google automatically or would it still require a lot of seo work?

For example let’s take the phrase “hitch” if I had would I be on top for the search phrase “hitch”.

The niche I am thinking about is very small and does not have as many competitors as the word “hitch” have.

Appreciate all the help.


It would probably help, but that’s not enough per se to get to the top of Google. I’d expect you’d still need relevant information on your page relating to “hitch”, such as page title, headings and content. And it also takes time for Google to know about your site and index it.

It would still require some work but it would make things much easier.

thanks for sharing guys, another thing I am wondering about regarding domains is the value of unused domains. Let’s say i own or and other less known celebrities would this domains be worth something even if they unused?

They could be worth something, especially well know celebrities but you would have to find someone who would want to develop it into something. I think it would be hard to market the domain.

I have heard that many times and most SEO experts states that domain name itself can’t improve SEO in any case

domain name can be much help but not crucial for success in a good position