Does Forum Submission Really Help in increase Website Ranking? Please help

Few days back i have read on some articles that forum submission help in increase website Ranking and also read in other articles that it can also be a reason to penalize. Now I’m confuse what should I do.?

Why would Google give benefits to those that spam forums?

Forum submission does not give any real benefits. They are either viewed as low quality links, or aren’t viewed at all as most forums are aware of SEO spammers and will hide signatures from search engine bots.

[FONT=verdana]Not only do spammy forum “submissions” not help with SEO, they are highly undesirable from the point of view of the forum itself.

Most forums are made up of people who are genuinely interested in helping each other and in forming a community. Spammy posts simply clutter the forum and reduce its usefulness. Any well-run forum will quickly ban people who engage in that practice - and rightly so.


Legitimate useful forum posts (those that actually answer other people’s questions) can bring more people to your site when people click on the links in your signature to find out more about you.

Usually those links are nofollow so that the search engines will ignore them as the search engines don’t really have a way to rate the usefulness of the reply the way people can.

For the past year or more, Google’s Penguin updates have focused on artificial links such as forum signature links and other links that webmasters create for themselves one way or another in forums, blogs, online directories, etc. - especially when done in large numbers. I would not recommend posting in forums just to get a signature link, but if you were to participate in small number of forums that were related to your site and occasionally include a relevant link to your own site in the body of your message, you’d probably be OK and the links might even help your rankings a bit. But you definitely want to avoid having your rankings reduced by Penguin. Very few people have managed to recover from it.

Forum sites are for discussions where users can discuss their queries and get solutions. So from forum posting you can increase the traffic to your site and it will help you to boost your link popularity in Google.

If you read the earlier posts in this thread, you will see that we all agree that most forum links are nofollow, and therefore do not pass link popularity.

If you have some reason to think we are wrong, by all means say so. But it would help if you give some evidence or reason for your statement.


Just increasing your traffic from people clicking on the signature, don’t count on serious SEO impact if any.

I’m still confuse what to do, some one saying its good and some one says not. i think i need to do more research to get right details regarding this topic and i like to thank to every one who shared their thoughts and experience in this thead.

The sole purpose of Forum submissions are not getting links to a site in the posts, answers or signatures to benefit from search engine rankings, its important to use forums as a brand to help users by answering their questions, to show brand’s expertise, to create brand awareness etc.

how and when i’m able to get signatures.

You’ve been a member for more than 3 months, so you just need to set one up! Click on the “My Sitepoint” link near the top of the page. It’s a good idea to read the Signatures FAQ first so you don’t get into trouble…

Every SEO strategy running through two way legal and illegal way.Making back links with manually and high pr site surely help you to improve your sites ranking,but number of url’s should be limited in a day either its forum or another one else.And making link manually and mostly through automated tool which focused on quantity of urls surelly help Google to panelize your site.

I don’t get what you mean by “forum submissions”. Are you referring to free classified ads forums, spamming on posts, or forum signatures?

Forum submission is one of the most important off page seo technique to increase your website ranking. You will get quality traffic by posting in forums. But be sure to post in the relevant forums. Otherwise the posting could be considered as spam.

how will i get traffic though forum, should i use anchor tagging for that or is there any other way to do that.

I do not see why you are persevering with this thread @williampritchard ; basicly I think you will be joining the ranks of spammers as you will have nothing interesting or helpful to post. You keep going over the same question and will keep going over it until you have people giving you the answer you already have in mind. If you have made your mind up just do it.

If you want more visitors to your site try improving it so that people will want to visit it.

Thanks to all for giving me your precious suggestions, i keep everthing in my mind before doing forum submission.

If you doing proper forum posting than Google will not penalize to you. When you doing Forum posting than take about few things like Google web master Guidelines and Forum posting Guide lines both.


Please read the comments above. Forum submission is spam, and it has no SEO benefit at all.