Does email marketing really work to promote your website?

I have sent more than 10,000 promoting newsletters across the world but still there is not good response on my website.
Though, I kept suitable subject and content for those newsletters.
All I found is either users are not opening the mail or unsubscribing themselves from these newsletters.

I am wondering if email marketing really works to promote your website?

Have you thought about using catchier titles and stronger content inside of them.

Anyone can tell people what they’re doing but, you got to make yourself/brand likeable

Dude, Firstly how do you get these emails? If you purchase then it is a waste of money and time and is also illegal to spam people. You can have a subscribe option on your website and then send them promotional offers about your products. If they are already ur subscribers then special offers works best. You can give them a code which would give them 5% discount or something like that.

I’m wondering how you got those emails, too. It’s a good thing that you have an opt-out in your email, or else people would have reported you as an email spammer. These people are the ones who really don’t need or, much worse, don’t want to read your emails at all. Better make some sort of an email subscription opt-in form, or something. Get your emails in a clean and legit way.

[font=verdana]Turn it around. How do you react to email marketing you receive promoting other websites? I’m guessing that most of the time, you will probably delete it, unsubscribe from it or at best just ignore it … because that’s what people usually do. Why should your potential customers be any different?

Email marketing when you don’t already have a relationship with the recipient is pretty much always doomed to failure. People are so used to getting spam that they don’t even look at it. If they’ve already done business with you, or they have signed up for mailings, then you might be in with a small chance that a few of them will read it, but otherwise you’re wasting your time and everyone else’s.[/font]

Email marketing works when you have catchy title, impressive images, less content and upto the point.

No, I just delete all email from marketers

There’s a rule in marketing and it’s that your / my / our opinions don’t count. The idea is not to think about what you do but what the customer does… We’re simply too biased working on a brand, knowing an industry or just as marketers to be objective even if we fit every demographic and interest to a “T”.

The reality of email is that it’s still pulling the best returns of anything out there on a dollar per dollar basis. The reality is also that it can’t be left in isolation or in the same form it was in 2005… Whether it’s shifting usage, shifting open rates or the advent of mobile, social, etc it has to be a strategy you evolve or it won’t work.

Of course there’s one huge distinction in the effectiveness of email which Steve pointed out – when a brand sends an email it’s a CRM tool to engage people with an existing relationship. The only way to really use it to get new people walking in is user to user… one person sharing you to another.

email marketing is just a tools, all depends on how we use it. suppose allow me to share my personal experience keeping to use it for more than 6 years.

  1. use only the opt-in collect from people’s subscription, msn, skype and online shop members.
  2. email marketing position for customer service linking with the clients more close.
  3. email to the potential customers who allow me to have their email stated in point 1. then, i use such 1 cost option to keep of updating new products, new application / option etc.
  4. i also use the email marketing for updating any new blog articles where allow the customer to know better of the products.

each time when after the mass mailing, the traffic increase sharply.

I think you are looking at this the wrong way around.

You need to build an opt in list from a website. That way, you’re building a list of people who like what you’re about and will trust the product recommendations you make along with the useful newsletter content you send to keep them subscribed.

It depends. Email marketing may work effectively depending on the situation. Truth is, the niche has to be “very” popular before anyone becomes successful in the field. In fact, a trusted email entrepreneur must own a good and trusted autoresponder. If you’re only using a cheap or free autoresponder, it’s hard to earn your subscribers’ trust and you’ll only be labeled as spammer. That’s why; it’s suggested for any newbie to stick with the manual should you have more unsubscribes.

Email marketing works tremendously for your website. Such ways of marketing are very essential for your company as they highlight the USP of the company in a very strategic manner. It is through email marketing that you can promote your product immensely especially promotional items. Promo products can be highlighted immensely through descriptions and optimizations.

Email Marketing is a good way of marketing your site if it done properly. First you should select your target audience which is most important in EM . If you send newsletter to anyone which is not his interested area he will do the same as you said. So choosing your niche audience given you a good result. Even if you send 500 targeted email you will get good response .

First of all, Email marketing is still and will always be one of the best marketing tools. But before doing email campaigns you must understand some facts. Email marketing is originally meant for opt-in databases, which means database of people subscribing to receive your emails. If you are targeting some new audiences and wanted to get new prospects for your business, then you must comply your email for the CAN-SPAM act rules.

The most important part is that when you plan for a campaign, always try to target the audiences who require your services. This way, you can get good response for you

It’s not how many you send out, it’s who you send it to. Any type of extra promotion is a good thing when you’re trying to get as much exposure as possible. Follow-up emails do work, I’ve seen them work it’s just you need to know who your audience is. I don’t deal with “cold” e-mailing either, because it’s a waste of time. With an opt-in form, at least the customers know exactly what they’re getting.

I don’t think it would be effective, specially when your targeted customers using gmail, they all send right through to the spam, not inbox.

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