Email Marketing still it works?

Hi all

I want know that still Email Marketing helps to increase traffic to website?

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Hahaha, no.


I’ve received tons of e-mails from e-commerce websites and I was never tempted to buy from them, unless if your customers have willingly signed up to your newsletter service.

Instead of manually firing off e-mails, outreach in social media instead. Look for people who are trying to solve a problem or something.


Me neither. Totally agree.

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Yes, email marketing still works because it has its own place in online marketing.

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That’s a very vague reply. Would you care to make it more helpful by explaining the circumstances in which you find e-mail marketing useful? As @mikhailblacer said, e-mailing folk who have signed up for your newsletter or updates might be beneficial. Otherwise, unsolicited e-mails are simplt Spam, IMHO.

Yes, of course. But email marketing works only if you know how to make it right. Here are the main rules:

  1. Make it personal
  2. Use headlines and subheads
  3. Write it targeted and brief
  4. Know when to send
  5. Call addressee to action
  6. Make an awesome design

E-mail marketing is probably the most effective way to monetize a blog for long run success and nearly every successful blog has a very strong email marketing focus.
Also probably the best way for beginners to start making a list and e-mail marketing their products.

Without any doubt e-mail marketing even more integrated with social media is a future of digital sales. Today this sphere is developing incredibly quick. Answering your question, I should say that you’ll definitely get a result, if you use a specialized e-mail marketing platform + your creativity.

If you are sending opt-in emails (people who signed to a newsletter for example) then you will get to the right audience and chances are it will help with traffic.
I f you send to just random emails or a bought list then you will get nowhere (beside getting marked as spam).

Email Marketing is useful because it is very essential tools to get potential customer.

But it is depend how you show your email ads to your visitor. Generally an average email account holder received 100+ promotional email every day so your email headline plays an important role in that.

I regard Email marketing as a good additional method to remind of yourself to your clients and to inform them about your news. BUT. You should not confuse it with the main channel of driving traffic and moreover to convert it.

Yes, email marketing assist you to generate traffic to your site, but I think not for affiliate marketing sites, I saw that affiliate marketing email going to Junk box, some pro email marketing tools can be passed, but their subscription fee are high.