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Well what is the importance of Email marketing in SEO .Is it helpful and How it works .Well i think it is only few part of SEO .Is it ?

There’s no correlation to SEO since email isn’t crawled by search engines.

However, as a simple marketing technique for sharing news, information, and links to your website, it’s still perfectly valid to help increase the number of eyeballs looking at your content.

ITs better to dont use e mail marketing :slight_smile: Go Building backlinks

What makes you say that this would be better for suneelgrg’s situation?

It all depends upon what suneelgrg’s goals are. Sometimes email newsletters work great, but sometimes not. It all depends on what needs to be accomplished.

Email marketing can help syndicate your blog posts and other content and help them go viral socially which I’m sure can help with SEO.

This is best part of seo and website promotion. With email marketing you can increase your traffic and sales. But you need to use attractive information in you newsletter.

Email marketing is just for marketing strategy only, not help you for SEO.
If will be helpful if you have email list, then you blast them with your offer.

Force Flow already gave a good answer.

I just have to add something to make it a bit clear.

Email Marketing is ‘still’ important because studies still show that sending offers through emails are more likely to convert readers (meaning they will purchase your product/service).

Of course, it is not that easy as it seems. Most of your time will be spent on analyzing the behavior of your market. That way you could do email marketing in the best and most personal way.

Email Marketing is promoting a business or products by sending to new costumers as well as old costumers.
the importance of email marketing is

  1. we strengthen our relationship withold costumers and make new relationships with new costumer.
  2. we tell the costumers about our new products or services and by this we promote our products.
  3. we grow aur business as everyone reads maile so after reading some people show interest which helps in growing.

Email selling may be a term that sounds pretty easy, and is popular nearly each business. however email selling is way quite simply causation a mass email promoting your product or event to each living soul in your inbox. so as for email selling to achieve success, you would like to grasp the foremost effective thanks to use it. Otherwise, it’s not solely a waste of your time, however it also can have negative consequences; if you’re doing it incorrectly you’re most likely annoying your customers.

Well, email marketing and SEO do not match with each other directly. However, email marketing can be used to advertise the great SEO work of a website and increase your visitors while keeping your bounce rate low.

Two different tools really, unless you offer your list an incentive to add your link to their site.


Email Marketing is important for internet marketing strategy. It is affordable, simple and quick.

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