Does domain extention matter in SEO

Hi Guys,

Me gonna buy a new domain, It’s for my new website but there is one problem, .com and .net are not available

This is for SEO purpose, So Could any one help me regarding this matter. I have heard about that domain extension doesn’t matter , we have to make the website high authorize and obviously domain extension will not gonna play any role in this.

Me from India, should i buy .In ??? can i beat the competition with this or i should try .com with another name

Please explain it with you experience NOT Reading Knowledge

I also asked this question in two more place SEOChat but haven’t get any reply

Home this forum will help me regarding this

Domain with .com and .net are the best, however it is not everything.
You can buy domain with other extension such as .org .biz or .asia. Provided you have good SEO strategy and plan, it will help.

The reason why a lot of people would pick a .com domain is that it’s more associated with the authority sites. I’m not saying that .edu and .gov are not authoritative. The point here is that a lot of the other authoritative sites have a .com domain. If you’re going for that country specific domain extension, your audience will mostly be from your country. If that’s what you want, then go for it. If you want people from other countries to look at your site, I think the best option would be a .com.

I agree with the other two replies that .com and (to a lesser extent) .net are good choices, for the reasons stated. But not for SEO purposes. The major search engines don’t attach any more or less importance on any one top-level domain (TLD) than any other.

That said, they do use the country code, if any, to help geo-target the search results. For example, a searcher on is more likely to see sites with an Indian domain, all other things being equal, than would a searcher elsewhere. But the country code is only of several signals used to determine a site’s country, and isn’t necessarily the overriding factor.

The best advice is to go for the TLD that best suits the site, and don’t worry about the search engines.


I think that no matter what domain extension that your site has, it’s not really a big problem as far as search engine optimization is concerned. I read a post which confirmed that Matt Cutts said that domain extension is not a factor when Google is ranking sites. It’s all going to depend on your marketing strategies to achieve your desired ranking.

If your target audience is in a particular country then using that country specific TLD should get you a higher ranking in that country’s results as it is one more thing to match your site to the country of the target audience. This may not apply where the country has made their TLD available for other purposes.

The question is from what country is your target audience?

If your main target is from your home country then getting .IN might be better.

If your main target is worldwide then how about you get .ORG ? You didn’t mention that it was already been taken.

At this time, domain extensions are not so important. You should try to book a keyword specific domain which you want to target for your website if your main purpose of booking that domain is seo. Make your website quality and user oriented. It will give you more advantage.

Domain extension should not have any significant effect except for example if you mention your site somewhere and forgot to add the extension (e.g. mySite instead of, the visitors generally presume .com as the default extension and try to visit

Whenever you do anything in SEO first ask “Is this good for the user?”

In terms of domains what would users expect? If it is a commercial site they’d expect .com, if it is a charity site .org, if it is a government site .gov or etc.

The SEO benefits of a domain extension come from what is best for the user, you can’t go wrong with a .com or .net extensiob.

Domain is not more effective in the term of SEO, If you are targeted visitors are country specific then you can choose TLD domain. It will help to get rank in search engine and beat competitors.

I wouldn’t have thought it would make the slightest difference to a user what type of domain it is, much less have any expectation of what it should be for a particular type of site. But perhaps I’m wrong, do you have any evidence to support this theory?

Why don’t you go with .co domain?

  1. Matt Cutt has stated that TLD is not the factor in search engine ranking and website optimization.

  2. Country specific domain would definitely gives you advantage over other TLD.