Your opinion on the best domain tld?

Hi All,

Obviously, the .coms are long gone for many keywords but there are still some options.

Which domain would be the most appropriate among the three?

I need your help in deciding, any SEO advantage for one over the other?

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Personally, I’d firstly try to get more creative with a .com domain, but beyond that, I would think that .net is the next best (froma a familiarity point of view). From an SEO POV, I doubt there’s any difference.

.com or your country’s tld (eg. are the best options by far - they are what people try first when attempting to find a site.

If the three options above are your only choices though I would go with .net
.info and .us hve a bit of a reputation of being associated with scammy sites - not always true, but the association is there.

So I guess even with the hyphen (losing type in traffic), the .net remains the superior choice.

I though about .us for a bit since 60%+ of the traffic will be coming from the US but I doubt there’s type in traffic for .us.

Thank you for your feedback guys,

will reserve the .net for now.

I always vote NET domain name extension after .COM.
In any case that worth to have ccTLD for your business web site as well.

IMO you choose .net or .us (if your business US based only). As far as SEO concern, it doesn’t effect so much in near future.

make sure that the keywords you choose example domain is highly search, or not your domain will wrongly target as what you want.
If you do target only US market then go for the country domain name. If you target to global then go for .com or .net.
Ignore the dash in domain name because it won’t help you much on it.

Ii choose the .Info from your list, but still recommend to find some alternative in .com extension

If you don’t want to geo target your visitors, then the best is to choose .net or .org On third place comes .com

I was exploring about this a lot, and some serious researches showed this results.

why not trying .org as i have seen google considers .org better than .net and .us

I don’t think Google makes any difference between such domains, because there is no reason to make one. When there was, like in the case of sub-domains, they took action. .cc domains are still fine though. :wink: would be fine option from these ones.

I agree .com is famous domain and it search world wide. but i am confused about .org or .net is that domains specified for fields like .org for NGOs and .net for networking sites?

IMO, .net is one of the most popular domain extension, which is also next to .com.

It always better to stick to dot com. And if all else fails, then I think dot net is your next best option. It just a small extra price you have to pay for .net and/or .com domain. Why I’m saying that, because to me, having these domain extensions sound more legit than .info or anything else. That is just with me.

If I had to choose between those three, the “.us” one gets my vote.
If it were me though, I would just find a .com instead because it is more commercial now a days. “.com” is a lot more easy to remember as well.

I would go with .com
if your friend ask you to visit a site like “something” and you forgot if it’s .net
which one do you try first? i’m sure most people would choose first
personally i only register under .com the other ones are not even an option for me

Alternative .com if you can … .net if you cannot.

I’ve always avoided the .co. I like the idea & feeling it generates (business, company, communication, etc), but hate that it seems like people might see it as a typo and just type .com

I always use .NET or .ORG domain name extension if i couldn’t find .COM available. But I never tried .info or .us, I think it is not good for SEO and I never go risk with my business.