Is .com better than .net for gossip website?


I am looking at starting up a gossip website and have a quick query.

Is .com domain extension better than .net to use for a gossip website? (This includes for search engine ranking)

If I have both the .com & .net is it best practice to forward .net to the .com or to build a separate website on the other domain name extension related to gossip but branded differently?

I see that some gossip websites have .net extensions and there in the top gossip websites in the world, wouldn’t it me a smarter move since these websites are worth a premium price to just buy the .com extension where for some there still available to buy for a fraction of the price compared to what there worth and their monthly revenue earnings?
Thanks and look forward to your replies.

Thanks and look forward to your suggestions.

No matter if there is Gossip website, News website or any Business website. As Domain Extension whether it is .com or .net never play any role in ranking, promotion of website but it is found that .com is easy to remember as compare to all other extension. So from my side you can give preference to .com

And if you have both .com and .net then it is ur only decision whether you want to run different website on them or want to redirect.

.com is better choice.
develop both websites.
good luck

IT DOES NOT MATTER. End of discussion. It will never matter. NEVER.

If I’ve understood this correctly, you’re suggesting buying the .com version of an established name which uses .net, in the hope of getting visitors who accidentally type the wrong domain extension. If that’s right, you could find yourself in trouble for attempting to mislead.

No, I have both the .com and .net domain extensions and just getting some advice as to which one is better to brand my website. I think as mentioned that I will brand as .com and the .net extension will be a forward to .com rather than having 2 separate websites since .com is more popular choice but at the end of the day as logic_earth mentioned it makes no difference as its how you market the website. This will have better long term presence on securing my brand and not confusing people as to having 2 separate websites under the same name. Thanks :slight_smile:

If your market is global, use the .com and have the .net forwarded to it. If your market is local and the local ccTLD is strong then buy the local ccTLD version and forward the .com and .net to the local ccTLD. The problem is that many people seem to approach this as purely an SEO problem. It is not. The real problem is establishing a brand that people will remember. This is why a ccTLD is far more important for a local brand than .com or .net.


Is .com domain extension better than .net to use for a gossip website? (This includes for search engine ranking)

The .com domain extension will probably increase the site’s sell value, if you ever decide to do that. It will have no importance in the search engines. That being said, if people routinely search for instead of in the search engines, having the .com becomes an inherent SEO advantage.

If you don’t have the money for both, it is always better to get the .com first. It is a lot more commercial. If you can afford both, just get both that way you won’t miss the opportunity to have both for your site.

In terms of search rankings, that’s true – search engines don’t care what TLD you use. On the other hand, in terms of direct traffic you are much better off going for a .com address, because that is what people are more likely to try when typing in the address.

Anything .com is better. Like it or not, .com is the de facto standard top level domain on the internet today.

.com is better choice

its better to redirect .net to .com because it will be a burden to build another website for .net domain name (if you have patience and time then go with new website). however “.com” domain name is widely using extension around the world. it will be suitable for almost any category website.

A .com and .net are pretty difference and with .com’s being iconic on the web, I think it really does matter.

No, it doesn’t matter. They are just TLDs neither has a benefit over one or the other. Search engines treat both that same way. What matters is your marketing and promotional content. Actual people are not going to care if your domain ends in “.com” or “.net” its irrelevant. If you cannot figure out how to properly market your service, then just give up.