Best url for SEO?

I live in the town of Kennesaw, a suburb of Atlanta.

Which would be the best url for SEO? (.com not available)


.com is best depend upon if you want your business broadly you can use .com, but if you want to do it as locally try a local domain extension. but you can also make it
This way people will know that can get in touch with you ( live meetings ). Also you will point that you work for people from Kennesaw

As grammatically i will go for first one. And I think .net will not affect much more if you optimize that neatly.

Thanks for the input… decided to go with the .net

Glad to know that =) In terms of SEO, domain extension does not make any difference.

From my experience it does make some difference when it comes to websites targeting a global audience. I think Google likes .coms and .orgs

There is no SEO gain or loss associated to any of those domains. Choose which one you prefer.

Dotcom websites are those websites that users does not need to remember and without dotcom websites tease users like they first search it in search engine.

you use .com if you want to market your site throughout the world especially the target should be in USA and when your target is india.

really, .com is the number one web domain extension. When people think of a web address, they automatically assume it’s .com, unless they know for sure.

Best to go with .com unless it’s a local site.

I definitely prefer. com that is more professional.

I also believe that. org is good


my experience says .com domains have better search engine rankings , so they most suit to SEO…

yes I will always recommend .com because i think it is useful in SEO as well as it looks you got a professional site :slight_smile:

Read my post above again; there is NO SEO benefit to your domain extension; none, nada, zilco, zero.

The only benefit to a .com domain is that people will remember it, but ultimately who actually types in domain names any more? Unless you’re running a legitimate offline business people are rarely going to type in your domain name, except if they’ve been on your website before (and even then it’ll appear for them as they start typing).

Domain names should be used based on localisation and for type of website. For example, a site about me would me .info. If I am running an organisation why not .org? If my site caters to Irish users then .ie. It’s as simple as that, really.

i always prefer .com domains but there is no SEO logic apart from u buy ur country TLD;s

.com i you not getting then go for .net it will also not bad get good content a nd then good pr back link your webiste will get good pr

thanks for all the responses. This is resolved so I don’t need any further comment so the discussion can be closed.