Do you think that an Academic degree really helps?


When we were kids, our Parents and School Teachers used to preach about how important is to get good grades so we can be accepted to a good College and then get a good job.
The thing is, most of the academic fields are not really helping to get a good job.
What can I do with B.A in History\Philosophy\Literature\Sociology and actually everything that related to Humanities and Social Sciences?
It seems like only people whom studied things that related to Economics and Business Administration or Electronics & Computers can Get a High-paying job.

What do you think?


Any Syntactic errors in my post?

Good questions, Amira. The idea used to be that these subjects provided a “liberal education” (whatever that is) that would train you to use your mind and fit you out to apply yourself to anything. That may have been true once, but certainly doesn’t seem to be a very strong argument these days.

You asked for it!

used to preach about how important is to get good grades

how important it is

so we can be accepted to

accepted into



and actually everything that related to

that is related to / that relates to

It seems like only people whom studied things

who studied things

can Get a High-paying job.

can get a high-paying job.

What’s the difference between whom and who?

Same as between he and him, she and her, I and me etc.

Who is she? She is Sally. Whom did you see? I saw her.

Where you would say she, use who; and where you would say her, use whom.

Another way of looking at it is to ask whether the the person is the subject of the sentence or object.

Who is that = subject
Whom did you see = object

That probably doesn’t explain it clearly, but it’s a start. Does this make any sense?

Yes, that’s good.

As for the main issue, I think that those who have a broad liberal arts education are definitely able to staff prestigious jobs such as Analyst, Stockbroker, Strategic\Organizational Consultant and actually anything that a business administration major can do.

A generalized degree will typically lead to a generalized job. A specialized degree will more likely lead to a more specialized job.

Granted, there are always exceptions, but that’s how things generally tend to work out.

As for jobs in the US for your degree, off the top of my head there’s teaching, research, possibly social work, writing, and editing. I’m sure with some googling and key words, you could uncover some specifics: what job can I get with a liberal arts degree - Google Search