Education Suggestion

Hello Everybody,

I’m thinking about going back to school. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Good idea :slight_smile:

No really, what kind of thoughts would you like to hear? What kind of school? Courses?

I’m looking for websites that can bring me to an online education learning. I’m interested to take Education & Teaching which is major in English.

If you explain a little about your subject at which you feel interest more then I may help you to get in fully.

There is good scope for teaching in English. Why you can’t go for a college degree instead of learning on own? A recognized degree will be very useful in getting a job.

If it’s anything like the UK then surely you cannot take it completely online? Teaching is largely a vocational subject and you’ll eventually need to get your hands dirty.

If I were you I’d go to a proper university and study full-time rather than online. A lot of online universities have bad reputations and my fear is that you’ll find yourself coming second-best to other graduates with better degrees.

I’d also recommend an on-site degree. Most employers do not view online degrees with the same esteem as on-campus degrees. Is there a good in-state university you could go to? I think state universities usually offer the best balance of quality and price when it comes to education. Of course that can vary depending on the institution and your major, so do some research.

You can try distance education. There are many universities offers online education in English. These universities provide Bachelor, Masters and even PG level courses. However, depends on the board, eligibility and other criteria may change. So you have to choose wisely with your interest and level of comfort.

Great Idea;There are lot of resources on the web. You can also go through distance learning, by the way I’m interested for :slight_smile: