degrees do they look good on cv/resume

Hi all,

I after i was laided off from my job before christmas my boss i recommended i go and study at a course located here but since that course costs alot would i benfit from having both of my cv as ive already gotten my diploma of web development back in 2006?

I want to know what do employeers think when they see a course completion certificate from that particular job area i am applying for.

Not sure if its good or bad for international people but what about people in new zealand would they benfit from somthing like this? is it worth paying monthly and doing a course like vs going to a college and paying a big fee then do a year or so amount of work?

What do you guys think?


As far as professional development it may be good move but I don’t think it holds very much relevance on a resume. Seems like the only purpose of placing it on a resume would be to detour from a lack of qualifications such as; experience and true degree in my opinion.

I agree. A lot of people use these types of “qualifications” to pad out a CV/Resume, and more often than not they’re more damaging as they’ll lead the interviewer to believe that you’re concerned about your lack of education.

If I were you, if you really need qualifications just suck it up and get yourself a degree from a decent university. Yes, it’s three to four years of work to get a Computer Science degree (don’t get a Web Design degree), but you can do it part-time and you’ll find that it’ll expand your career and your potential tenfold.

i think people many jobs tend to require a proper degree or diploma. However, online courses tend to boost certain skillsets which might be missing from the traditional schools. Whatever the case, real job experience and good referees are the most important i think.