Do you provide email for your website clients?

Hi! I build Wordpress websites and register domain names with a hosting company. My clients want email to go with their domain name, so I set up that too.

Then when they have email problems, they come back to me…

I’ve heard website developers who say they don’t support email, and I was wondering what people here do.

What about getting them to sign up with G Suite?

Thanks for any thoughts or experience you’d like to share!

I set up the clients’ emails to go with their domain name, show them how to manage them and then they are on their own. They almost never come back to me with email problems, but if they do, I just charge them my regular hourly rate.

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Thanks for your reply!
I’ve heard that web hosting email solutions aren’t always reliable, and a client has just come to me saying her emails are taking hours to arrive and she’s worried some aren’t arriving.

Do you use a website hosting package for your domain name and email setup?

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