Email recommendation for Wordpress Multisite


Long time Sitepoint member here but cannot find my old login details!

I run a business where users can create their own website on my Wordpress Multisite - choose a template etc - and domain map their domain to the sub directory.

Normally, I use a hosting account to create emails, but I have decided to separate the emails and would love to use a third party email provider. I want to be able to set up the emails, then the clients can configure their own email clients.

Does anyone have any recommendations? If you think this is a stupid way to do it please tell me also. I have had problems with emails in the past, and would love to outsource it so I can get onto them if I need support.

I have over 100 clients, and wish to slowly move them all over.



Your idea of sourcing out the email is a great idea. It lets you focus on the core of your business.

I would recommend that you look at Google Business Hosting - part of google apps. You can get custom domains for each of your customers and the support is very good. Just google ‘Google Business Email’ and you’ll find their pricing and services described.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I will check it out.

My pleasure. BTW do you remember your old username? If so I can provide a temporary password and merge this new account with your old one. It is a shame that you loose your history and I’d like to help if you want to get this back.


Found it!

This is me. I suddenly had a brainwave and guessed it.

Not much history, but

Great glad you found it!

Using Google Business Email, you might end up with big charge. $5 / month per user. You have 100 clients, each client can have 5 email addresses, for example, -> 500 email accounts -> $2500 / month.

I would suggest a VPS for email. In addition, you can rent a good antispam filter. Solved.