Do you outsource or write yourself?

Some people own a lot of blogs to maintain and find it a daunting task to keep coming up with new topic to write about. Does that happen to you? What would you do if that happen? Will you still try to write your own content or would you another blogger to update the blog for you?

I write my content myself, but my blog is also my writing portfolio. :lol: It makes more sense to outsource other things, such as promotion or design. Then you can focus on your content.

Will you still try to write your own content or would you another blogger to update the blog for you?

It depends on the purpose of the blog. It’s unlikely you can hire some blogger at random and not come off sounding different.

Your unique voice is what you should strive for. Once achieved, that is nearly impossible to outsource. In other words, if it’s easy to outsource, chances are it’s not meeting critical objectives – you haven’t been relating information unique to you.

First off, don’t start a blog when you really have nothing to say.

Next, when you don’t know what to write about, go back and ground yourself in understanding your reader. Don’t think some creative spark will drop from the heavens.

There’s no reason you can’t revisit old topics and extend, clarify, and update them.

DCrux hit it right on the head… the world is not in need of another uninspired blog…

Inviting a guest blogger on board could be a good way to get some content and ideas flowing.

If you’re permanently struggling with keeping it up to date and the love is gone, you could also sell it to someone else. There are heaps of people who used to do that in our marketplace (now flippa).

To be perfectly honest, if you have no intention of writing for yourself, why have a blog in the first place, the idea behind blogging is so that individuals can put across their thoughts and views in a format which others can read and subscribed too, not all websites have (or need) blogs so I would suggest you consider whether you have the time to commit to such a project because there’s no point starting a blog or having one for the sake of it. If you are going to blog you need to establish yourself, put your views across well and contribute to it on a regular occasion, it’s a commitment :slight_smile:

It depends on the situation. I can’t afford it nor did any of my website earn enough to secure the service of others. Anyway, I prefer to write my own.

I write my own contents because i want to improve my writing skills.

I personally am faaaar too cheap to outsource writing projects. Not cheap, mind you, but I don’t like to spend money (not even on the cheap) for anything I think I can do myself. And writing is one of those things. So personally, I write myself, but to be honest with you, if you have the spare funds (and I do mean “spare”, like a tire – unused and in store), then hiring freelance writers is worth your while because it allows you to produce more in less time; that spare-tire resource just became double, triple, or many more times your productivity in that time period. So you can pump out the content of several sites and have it completed in the time it would normally take an overtime writer to fill the coffers of one.

I know, I’m a hypocrite. What can I say? :wink:

If I’m too busy with my other work maybe I can hire someone to write articles for me so that my blog will be always updated. But if I have enough time I prefer writing on my own.

I tried to pay for content for the sake of experimenting. Most of my outsourced articles are of mediocre quality…only one of the writers is worth keeping. So I write my own content.

Good blogs are about personal passions fishing, raising chickens, collecting stamps etc. People find them looking for good info and then bookmark them.

If you just fill a Wordpress full of cheap generic outsourced content no one will care or read much of it.

If you think you are very tied up for some other job then it’s better to outsource it. Provided that you will choose a very reputable company who will be handling your stuffs.

I write all the content myself, I also publish my own pictures but to this point this is getting exhausting. Anyway this is the only way I can stay sure I will never have content issues (DMCA) as one can hire somebody and don’t know if the content is really original or stolen, and checking it out makes no sense to me (hiring to keep checking…no no)

Also, as Sneakyheathen says, my websites are also my own portfolio

Blogging is a passion, if you want to write all the time then you can blog much everyday. For business purposes, you can alwyas hire someone or hire another blogger to update your blog.

I write myself. I actually enjoy writing, but in the future I would consider outsourcing.

Some people even though hate writing anything, set up a blog just because they heard they could earn from it. But on anything you do to be able to be successful with it, you really must love it. Its always best to write your own content, although hiring someone else to do the job for you was never illegal…lol

It depends on the quantity and time. If you need large volume of articles for your several blogsites but you have limited time then its preferred to outsource, its not unsafe because there are plenty good writers are eager to write for you assuring good quality, you can easily contact with them through freelance site. On the other hand if you have to write a few articles, then there’s no need to outsource as you yourself can write.

writing is my skill. so as much as possible, i do the writing. but once my schedule gets hectic, that is the time when i consider hiring somebody to write for me.

I myself , generally would like to write my contents on my own. If i have no time, then i ll go to hire content writer.