How many post should you generate a week?

Just curious… I am pretty new to this website/blog business… but on average, how many quality articles do you generate a week for your blog???

I find that keeping write content for my site is very difficult, my site is about products relating to water treatment, products are consistence, so I only try to write about news on it. I often write once a week sometime more but often is

[font=verdana]There’s no one answer – it really depends on you and your site as to what is appropriate.

What you want is a sustainable strategy that you’ll be able to keep going. If you want to get regular readers on your blog, you want to be posting regularly, whatever frequency that may be. It may be daily, it may be weekly, but try to keep it consistent, so people know what to expect. There are some sites I visit every day, some three times a week, some only once a month, because I know how often to expect new material. Other sites that have great content but a less regular schedule I don’t go back to with any regularity because I never know if there will be anything new to read.

So what you need to think about is (a) how much time you will be able to devote to the blog, and (b) how many articles you think you would be able to write over time. Now, there’s no harm in starting off with a bit of a blitz and getting several posts on your blog to kick it off, so that there’s enough there to entice people to come back, and then easing off once you’ve got a few good posts up there. But what you don’t want to do is to write everything you know about the topic in the first three weeks and then find that you’ve run out of material and can’t think up anything else to write.[/font]

Your blog should contain more than just news of your business products and services. What about employee news, thank-yous for client testimonials, industry news, business upgrades (new looks, new equipment, etc.) and how your business contributes to your community outside its doors? These are all factors that let your readers and customers know that your business is vibrant, enthusiastic, and energetic… the kind of things both old and new customers want to see from you.

As for the original question, blogging isn’t about quantity of numbers. It’s about extending extra quality from your business to your readers.

With evergreen posts you can always recycle them. Those new to your site are unlikely to read back through several years worth of posts and those who have been reading for years will not remember posts they read several years ago.

I thinks it depends on your requirement and how many time you use.Suppose you visit one topic then you think need to say something.Then you reply so here impossible to say that how many post.

When my blog was new, I updated it everyday, one article per day. But now I prefer to write 1-2 articles only per week, I do this to achieve a good quality content for my blog, it’s kinda hard to produce quality content without doing small research first.

Thanks for your advice, I will try

Get to know the people who you think would read your content. Know the places where they’re hanging out online. Since you’re trying to get people to read your content, it’s best that you would interact with them. I know that this doesn’t completely relate to your writing, but by knowing who your audience is, you’ll know their patterns, and those patterns can reveal to you a lot of things like the time when they’re most active. Try taking advantage of those times by sharing your content to them in whatever online community or hub they’re in. I hope that helps!

I think the key is sustainability. If you write and publish twenty posts this week and the following have nothing for your viewers then you’ve actually done yourself a disservice. It is always better to have a steady stream of posts than spikes of them here and there.

We cannot tell you how many posts you should write per week as that question requires a very specific answer. It depends on a variety of factors, such as, your viewers browsing habits, how many posts you can generate per week and be able to sustain, how many posts your viewers can actually consume per week… etcetera.

Do some research into what your viewers are like and write accordingly. Remember, content is always about the viewer not the Search Engine or something else.

I personally can’t write more then 5 articles of 1000 words each per weak. I simply don’t have more inspiration and I feel that writing more will just create weaker content.

You can write a few articles per weak. What’s important is that the blog is updated weekly. But don’t just write for the sake of posting something. It has to be for another purpose.

for practicality purposes, you may want to update your blog twice a month if you find it a little harder to produce contents for your site, I think it won’t hurt your SEO that much.

How many post it totally depends on our efficiency.For good quality content need more concentration.You need to write with full integrity.So it is matter of our qualification and patience how many we can write.But you should to post only good quality content.

If you’re going to make a schedule, then follow it. If it says that you’re supposed to write three articles per week, then do it. If you’re not going to follow that, you’ll lose the flow, and you won’t be consistent. You wouldn’t want to lose your momentum on something because the people are expecting from you. I like the third sentence, by the way. You don’t just write just because you have to post. Think of the people who are going to read your content.

I usually put up 2-3 articles a week for my site. But at first, it was nearly every day I added new content.

First off, stop thinking about writing things for your website. Start thinking of the people who will be interested in the overall niche that your website is a part of. Who are they? What do they want to know about? What are they talking about or asking questions about? Make sure you can actually see them in your mind’s eye and the type of people they are. That will give you the initial inspiration for creating conversational pieces that they can relate to.

A great place to figure out what people are talking about or have questions about is, indeed, forums. Yahoo Answers is also a great place to find questions that people are asking. Rather than posting answers on forums, you should be creating great content that addresses those questions on your blog. Then, you can post a link that answers the question on the forum and not just the answer there. That’ll drive more traffic than just an answer will.

If you sell tents, the majority of your posts should be about camping - funny stories, new camping gear, great places to camp. There may be an occasional article about tents but that shouldn’t be your focus. Your goal is to gain readership and recognition as an authority in the overall niche. People who are specifically interested in your products will find them from there. Link to your main product categories from a sidebar on the blog but leave everything else (your articles) in a “general” category. As your blog grows in popularity, it will gain its own links and will pass that authority to the rest of your website.

Finally, to answer your specific question, once you know who you are writing for and what they want to read about, you’ll find it is far easier to answer your own question. If you can write something every day that is compelling, go for it. If you can only do it once a week, that’s fine, too. Obviously, the more you write, the more likely it is for your popularity to grow and for your website to climb because of all of the long tail keywords (unintentional as they may be). Just don’t write something because you think you need to; though, only write when you have something that is definitely worth reading - not in your opinion, but in your readers’ opinions.

Finally, whatever you decide, keep it consistent. Don’t start writing every day, then taper off to every week and ultimately get to it only twice a month. Readers expect consistency - not only in the type of writing but in how often they can expect something new.

Best advice in this thread. Are you worried about SEO? If you have people who think you are an industry authority, you don’t need SEO as they will do the marketing for you.

Depends on the market niche in which you are trying to position yourself. I recommend an article a day (with WordPress can program them), with about 700 words each.

Sorry. Also say what I do: when I don’t have time or desire to publish, contract for $ 3 per item to other people who write for me. It is a good way if you can.