Do you outsource or write yourself?

i hired a person to write contents for my site, but most of those contents i found this error or that with duplicates. now i am writing my contents by myself. though it is difficult to schedule time for searching and writing the contents but it gives me confidence of quality.
i prefer to write by myself instead of outsourcing.

I write my one articles for my blogs, if I’ve run-out of ideas, I’ll force my self to atleast update my content once a week. :rolleyes:

I think it depends on the purpose of your blog.

If you use your blog to generate ad revenue from other people. then I would hire someone else to write the blog (even though I’m a writer myself).

If I use the blog for marketing or brand identity, you should do the writing yourself. If you run out of ideas, read more publications to trigger ideas or cut back on the amount of posts you do weekly. Just be consistent.

Sometime I write my own blog.Sometimes I collect the relevant materials and put them in order.

I write content myself but I hate it. D: I really hate writing but I’m nervous about paying a writer, especially one who knows nothing about my industry. Once I run out of Ideas myself I will find someone though.

As much as possible I write the content of my Blog if I can’t write for several days I used tape recorder to tape what’s on my mind and later I will put it on writing.

Sweetfranky, I don’t blame you for being cautious about paying a writer. I’m a writer, but there is so much crap on the internet. So many people are trying to be writers now that they are out of jobs.

However, you can easily find a writer that knows your industry. Professional writers often very versed in several industries. By writing about industries they may have worked in, in a past life or because they’ve written within those industries for years. They study it. Know it and interact with people working in those industries.

I write my own content, but if I could afford to outsource, I would in a heartbeat. I hate writing.

I personallt really enjoy writing. but since the load increases, so i get them written from some of the major bidding sites, and if i feel some thing is missing or needs to be mentioned, then i edit it my self…

Definitely a combination of both! :slight_smile:

I write everything single post in my blog. I love writing and hate marketing. That’s why it takes me more than half year of blogging before I start to do backlinks.
I dont even have facebook or twitter or other socialnetworking account.

Yeah it happens to me. I feel difficulty updating my blog sometime. In that case I simply refer others blog and rewrite or sometime copt some paragraph and give the author proper linkback.

If you give a proper trackback to oruginal content writer than there is no harm in copying.

If I have many things to do I ask other people to write. but when I’m not busy, I do it myself.

Well for blogs, posts are often small and of your interest so you can go for write yourself but for a site if you are not an expert in writing then you must hire content writing services from experts.

Creating a derivative work is still subject to copyright.

Is it so hard to come up with an original thought of your own? Just post a link and a small direct quote, state your opinion, post it. Easy.

I do both., but sometimes I end up editing what the other person wrote, and sometimes I just slap it on the site. I pay around $5 / 500 words… I think people paying $10 will get an excellent article

I write myself. If I’m busy then I dont write. But I prefer original content only .

There is a lot of false dichotomies being presented in this thread.

For instance: You either have to write all your own content or hiring someone to help.

What about leveraging our work and splitting the content on our websites via rss feed?

More info:

For me the articles are way to show the industry that I have something to give and so outsourcing my expertice makes me a _______.

personal blogs must be not be written by another person. it defeats the purpose of the blog… however, if your site aims to promote something - outsourcing is a good option.