I've Got a BRILLIANT Content Creation Idea for Us Average Joes!


It is an idea I have been pushing around here for a week but I just thought of a new way of looking at it!

Here is a little background on my original idea (don’t click yet, read on!):

However, suppose instead of just posting to one multi-writer blog or multi-writer pre-established category blogs (as was my original idea), WHAT IF, when you were ready to create a blog, you created it under one multi-contributor blogger account with the understanding that others could add blogs to that subject matter, increasing your content output???

YOU set the posting requirements but we all blog and create our blogs under one blogger account with the condition that anyone who joins and contributes can use the blog feeds on their site and share content creation duties if a post fits under the category of a specific blog!

In this way we create a MASSIVE amount of leveraging our writing effort!

If you want to cover a specific story, you can post about it yourself and increase the content output for everyone!

No one is paid because we are all helping one another but you can put your adsense ads and links in your own posts!

If anyone is interested I have already created the blogger.com account with one blog so far whose topic is popular videos. But if you request to join and popular videos are not your thing and you want to get more technical or specific, I will send you the login info and you can create your own blog. Then, when others join, they may elect to help you with posts and share the content.

If you’re planning to start a blog, why not create it under a multi-contributor blog account and leverage the writing effort???

Obviously, sharing an account brings up trust issues but this will work on the honor system. It doesn’t help you to block access of others to the account. If they can’t get in, they can’t create content for you. Plus no personal information will be shared under the blog account.

WHY should the big media sites control and create the content??? We are the people! We can do anything!

You might be excited but have all sorts of questions but just request me to join and start posting because we’ve got to get this rolling!!! All questions will be answered as this thing evolves!!! If you don’t like the way it works, you can stop posting. But just request to join and make one post so we can get this started!!!

Post here only if you’re ready to DO THIS!!!

Also I am requesting SitePoint to help with getting this idea off the ground!

Hi friend,

you have a good idea. But IMO, wouldn’t it be better to start off with a self-hosted wordpress blog, as that would give you more flexibility and a TLD would give your blog more credibility.

I’d love to work with you on this project. It’d be a fun experiment if we can get 10+ bloggers writing an article a week.

All the best… :slight_smile:

Hey Happy New Year! You just responded as I was re-checking this thread. :slight_smile:

To tell you the truth, I would love to use wordpress instead of blogger because I hear it’s much better.

Do word press blogs provide an rss feed? That’s the most important question because we need to be able to put the blog content on our sites.

Also, can we make unlimited free blogs with wordpress?

I really don’t know much about wordpress.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is this project proposal I’m making is about generating regularly updating content for websites, and not really about marketing the blog itself.

But if you have ideas on how we could do both, I’m willing to cooperate with you on this.

Let me know and thanks!

One thing I should correct though:

Adsense ads in blog posts wouldn’t work because, since we would allow our collective output to be freely used on other people’s websites, it would invariably clash with their own Adsense ads and thus violate Adsense policy for ad unit limits per page.

But hey, you can still have a link to your site in your blog posts and non adsense ads!


Like I said in my opening post, members can create a blog on any topic they want but since not every member will be at the same writing or technical level as everyone else, I started a preliminary experimental blog with the broad topic of “Popular Videos”. There are not many posts yet so I can move it to WordPress if you think it will be better there.

I figure if we start off as simple and basic as possible, we’d get the most amount of members the fastest.

Pretty much everyone can post a video embed code and add a short description to an interesting or funny video they’ve found on the internet…And it’s a fairly easy topic to update daily, instead of monthly or weekly…

Then, once we have a good number of members, hopefully some we get more ambitious and write about more serious stuff, like tech reviews, finance, etc…

But I am by no means not open to other ideas and perspectives. Let me know how you see this idea evolving, keeping in mind the main purpose is to generate free user created content for websites…

there is no honour among spammers

good luck anyway

That is a good point. You think spammers would pretend to join as members and then take advantage?

Well, then how do all these big blog websites get many writers to co-operate and not introduce spam?

It’s not a unique idea nor is it really a genius one, all you are talking about is collaborative blogging which already exists to this day. Just go to Smashing Magazine or Web Designer Deport or Think Vitamin, they have multiple regular authors publishing content to the blogs on specific topics. The only difference is they don’t allow people to “run free” with their posts which makes them a lot more trustworthy as they ensure the posts are of a high enough quality to be published. We are talking about manual submission, editing and verification (like if you wrote an article for a paper magazine or newspaper). If you allow people to jump onboard and start contributing you will end up with 99% fluff, spam, advertisements or redundant information. Don’t believe me, look at Digg, it used to be a collaborative platform in pulling news stories to the forefront on subjects, now it’s a “Pay and display” pit for the spammers to play in. :slight_smile:

So I guess there would have to be a system where everything submitted would have to be approved but then the experiment kind of loses it’s cooperative spirit.

I was hoping for an anonymously driven content source that protected itself and nobody needed to be watched.

My original thinking was, since content providers would use the feed on their own site, the temptation to corrupt it with junk posts would be neutralized.

But you’re right, that wouldn’t stop spammers from joining.

Well I do have one idea of how you could go about it, not sure how you would implement it but it should be suitable.

How about upon submission of a post it get’s randomly sent to 2 other members for approval, they sign off on the project to the best of their knowledge (on your trust system) and if it gets two thumbs up then it goes live on the website (that’s self perpetual motion), if someone declines it and someone thumbs it up, it goes to a third person for the final say and if both people thumb down the post it get’s rejected, you would need a CAPTCHA or something to prevent bot’s thumbing posts though :slight_smile:

Not exactly original , but ya sounds cool .

That wouldn’t work for me…Because the whole point of the thing for a member is to create content for your own site with the help of others…and that includes content you submit yourself for your own site…I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want other people approving content for my own site.

And so I think that’s where this idea comes to a dead end. Sorry guys.

Well you could allow people to create their own (just use the validation system on 3rd party contributors or have those validations sent to the owner of the account to have the final say instead) or you could screen people before starting their own site by having them contribute 5 posts of value to other peoples blogs (therefore hopefully building the community by getting others involved in helping each others community grow), it’s not a catch22 event or a bad idea. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about this.

What if instead of approving a person’s posts each time, there was a condition that whoever joined had to have their own website where they used the content of the blog they posted to. And no one was allowed to post to a blog whose content they were not using on their own website?

Not only would this encourage people to post quality content but it would enable us to better filter out those who just want to use the blog to spam and help ensure our blog is being used as it was intended.

In addition, each post of each member had to have a link at the bottom to their website were the content was embedded?

In this way, we could track each poster to see if they have a website with legitimate content instead of approving each post.

If a member violates any of these conditions, they can be suspended and their post(s) deleted.

Furthermore, all new members will be invited to contribute ONLY as guest authors (as blogger.co allows) so, I, the admin, will have control over what gets deleted and what doesn’t based on the rules set down by the founding members.

So even if spam does get through, it can be controlled by me and any members I can trust to give post deleting privileges.

What do you think?

Okay, I see you were way ahead of me.

So I think this could work now.

If anyone wants to join my mutli-contributor content experiment, I will invite you if you request.

However, you must have a Gmail account and provide the link to your website where the content will be embedded.

You must also understand this idea is in its total infancy.

As of yet I’ve only created one blog devoted to “popular videos” and so far I am the only poster.

So we will be starting from scratch.

If you want a blog devoted to a particular category just tell me and I’ll create it and you can start posting and recruiting others under that category.

I have also written up the terms of use, rules and instructions which I will email all new members.

In my opinion, multiple authors sharing a blog is a good idea. But then bloggers going ahead and using this blog feed on their own sites… That would be a bad idea. Google hates duplicate content, and before you know it, your blogs would be banned from Google database…

Damn you, gauharjk! Why did you have to ruin everything??!! :nono:

Okay, guys. Brainstorm. How do I get around this one? :smiley:

simple – have just one copy of each article

now, the question is, where to put it…

keep it on the author’s site, and you become a directory of links

keep it on your site, and you become an article repository

bofadem has been done

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

WordPress - MU offers this functionality. This would be like multi-user blog. You can create a blog website and ask the fellow member to join and write blogs. If all members are subject matter experts in a specific industry /domain, the blog will get popular and become the ultimate reference for the specific domain.

I guess with WordPress - Mu , we can setup the Google Ad sense. If we can collect all the viewers e-mail id / subscribers e-mail id, we can burn the feed to e-mail by using FeedBurner service.

Or we can use the “Aweber” like e-mail marketing software which converts the RSS to e-mail Newsletter.

It can be made effectively.