Do you get an odd security message with this website

Hi from damp, dull about to rain York UK :smile:

I am working with this site But i have heard some users get an odd security warning when they access the site! This really concerns me. Please click on the site and ket me know if a weird security message pops up.

Also if this is happening should i upgrade to HTTPS?


Its Mcafee Site advisor that gives me the big highest risk red warning message.

As I mentioned in the other thread you can try re-submitting your url for checking.

Assuming of course you have scanned for viruses and are sure your host is reputable.

I have a similar problem on two sites and submitting a check request has no effect what so ever. I have a thread on this forum about it.

The two sites I have are very simple without any JavaScript etc. but they get pulled up. by McAfee.

Dio mio!

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