Sitepoint not secure alarm

I just followed a link from a sitepoint email: Shop with request payment - #19

This is a thread of mine and when I visit the thread there is not a new post by the user in the email - may have been deleted?

Anyway the main reason for this post is when I followed the link in the email I had a warning about security and an option to go to my start page which is what I clicked. I then had another warning attached.
Perhaps coincidentaly my broadband the went wrong and I am woriied I have been tricked in clicking a malware/virus link

There is a deleted post on that topic. But unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the security warning you got. And from what I can tell the SSL details are all specified correctly.

There was a post removed from that topic as a link-drop.

Right I have done a couple of scans and all seems Ok

Looking around the web the error page is or is similar to the Microsft Edge page.

With more investigation I found this:

Starting on May 9, 2017, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 will prevent sites that are protected with a SHA-1 certificate from loading and will display an invalid certificate warning. Additionally, the Windows 10 Creators Update blocks SHA-1 by-default in the browser. Customers who would like to disable SHA-1 today may do so with the instructions below.

If this is the case I wonder why it happened today. I am currently in safe mode and using Firefox so I will restart and see what happens.
I also have the Windows 10 Creators Update installed but installed that a few months ago.

Seems OK now.

Actually, this is a great example of the recent updates Firefox has done if you are running Firefox. I’m not sure if the same can be said about other browsers, but recently, Firefox has been throwing these error pages on random HTTPS websites. I don’t recall what the issue was, but I had the same exact problem with some of my SSL certificates. I got mine free from startssl and I remembered that newer versions of Firefox did this. I tested it on my other Linux partition that has and outdated Firefox and the website with certificates from startssl worked. I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but it looks very similar.

It made me panic @spaceshiptrooper as I was off guard and until I visited the second page it had not registered that it might be a scam. Especially as there was no indication what had generated the error and then when my broadband crashed as well :fearful:

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