Need help on my sites

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Hi Guys, I have 3 websites that currently there are warnings when you are going to enter the URL… it bothers me because it affects my sites visit. i think a lot of people will not continue to browse my site since there is a warning sign from google. My question is how can i clean my cpanel for that.

These are the websites that has a warning:

Thanks is advance.

It looks like your sites / server may have been hacked and infected with viruses. I think you should talk to your web host about this.

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If those sites may be infected with a virus, it might be better to not have those links clickable, so I delinkified them.


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The OP actually needs to disable his website to prevent access by the hacker to the edited files while he clean-up the files (DELETE ALL and replace with original copies AFTER changing to a VERY STRONG password - more in another post from about 2 months ago which might be good to turn into a sticky).



[FONT=Verdana]I think this may be the post dklynn is referring to:

This post by 2ndmouse from another thread may also be helpful:

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