Do you believe in Extraterrestrials?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I do. I believe that somewhere in the deep space

there is an intelligent life. Do you?[/FONT]

Have you ever seen another planet ? Nope…

I don’t believe until I actually see one, as far as we know no one has any proof of any aliens yet.

What is really important ? Us or them ?

Public sector worldwide spent on energy research annually e.g fusion/renewables $15billion, which is 0.2% of annual global energy market.
BP spend on cleaning up the gulf? $20billion

Is this extraterrestrial conversation in klingonian ?

Let’s leave the politicians out of this, OK? Someone can take it the other way and turn this interesting and extraterrestial conversation into something that we don’t want to :wink:

mizwizzy is an extraterrestrial. That’s why she’s green, with those big, googley eyes –> :rolleyes:

People are strange when you are stranger (extraterrestrial in fact).

It sounds interesting!but I think that it wouldn’t come within a lightyear of us.

Kids love that incarnation of the boogeyman too Chris! Let’s be fair. They are stories for everyone!

“I have decided that intelligence is pernicious, and should be extirpated. It just causes trouble. Practically every damn fool, deleterious thing our sorry race has done can be traced to intelligence. It is a bad idea. When it is not merely a bad idea, it is usually a waste of time.”

A little Khmer Rouge, I know, but even Pol Pot had his good points!

Human’s need by stories is a huge heed, I do agree. But if we exist in the Universe (and we really do), why not other intelligent creatures?? Have you ever seen a single thing in the planet?! Nope.

Or a lack of it.

I put forward one George Herbet Bush as my candidate for an example of what stupidity can achieve. Perhaps he was an alien but he’s not proof of extrasolar intelligent life I’m afraid.

Based on human’s need by stories .

You don’t see anything, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The Space is full with dark energy we can not see but it does exist:

:rolleyes: Based on what?

Slingshotting is something slightly different because the velocity is predetermined and creates little ‘forward’ (radial) acceleration.

I was thinking more of something like circular electromagnets, which the craft would go through, and reverses polarity when the craft has passed. So each time it would be accelerating towards the object until it reaches it, then away from it afterwards.

That way it is increasing its velocity and acceleration, not just by direction (like a gravitational slingshot) but by magnitude.

Another way of thinking about it is an acceleration tube, where the craft is accelerating towards an array of points - and when it reaches a certain point, the acceleration is away from said point. The only difference being that if it is done in a circle, we aren’t limited to how much the thing accelerates (though that isn’t bringing relativity and mass gain into it) because it is doing so in a circle rather than a line. The longer it stays in, the faster it gets.

Of course, there are various issues with this. One is that the acceleration can’t be huge because the passengers would be squashed due to the acceleration force, so it’d have to be slowly accelerating (maybe said acceleration would be slowly getting larger to account for the mass gain).

However, say we find a way to get to a high speed. Say we get to… 10% the speed of light, for example, which is still a huge amount of speed. People on earth who are looking at us go would see us requiring thousands of years to get to far-away systems - however, we would see us requiring decades. Time is a wonderful thing!


Yes i believe this damn sure.
since earth have all the species of living thing in our milky way galaxy why should other galaxy have living thing on the Ex-earth