We all should have died already

Oh no!

Lol nice. I saw the title and thought ‘This has to be good’.

You know what? The Mayans were not only fortune tellers and future-seers, but they were uber future-seers and knew that we were going to have leap days! That’s how they knew!

(Oh, and did I mention that the US didn’t land on the moon? It was just a hoax?)


lol I totally agree. If the Mayans can predict the end of the world, I’m pretty sure they can also predict leap years haha

I’m a big fan of end of world conspiracies so I had to check out this thread. Very interesting at least :slight_smile:

Man is mortal. So every person evolved himself engages him/her help to other people ie. social work. I also join there. Really it’s a great job to help poor of distress people & with mental peace. I think man will alive century to century only for his work.

Could you…rephrase that?

I think you’re right Ryan, but i have a different theory. I think they ended the calendar to 2012 for that is the last time we will have a 12-12-12. or december 12, 2012 there will be no 13-13-13 simply because there is no thirteenth month. It’s just something off the top of my head.

The world will end when it will end, there is no precise date.

lol interesting theory. but why should they end the calendar in 12-12-12? Did triple numbers have a special meaning to them?

They got tired of writing! :wink:

They finished the ink
Dinner was ready
The Superbowl started
Justin Bieber started singing
It’s a result of the Y2K bug

Take your pick

they are after all overly superstitious. thats one theory.

No one is certain as to when the world will end and how it is going to end. I think people should stop believing about other people’s account regarding doomsday.

that’s not something you should worry about.

I don’t know should I believe that.

Thanks for reminding me that the end is nigh. I’ve got a ton of things to get finished before the end!

whats this all about? getting to an End … seems little bit tricky to me!!!

i have another theory thats very simple and could explain a lot. maybe the mayans just ran out of space to write on the tablet that’s why they only made it up to 2012. the rest 2012 and up are on another tablet. :smiley:

No one will remain in this world so it’s important be ready always.

we could send some astronauts in space several of them and after the apocalypse ends they can return to earth and repopulate.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon historians from the “recentist” movement, who claim that we should retract 300 years from our current time because of specific historical data from the middle ages that, in their view, was misinterpreted. So who knows, maybe the end of the world is just postponed!