For the record - "UFO Over Mia Mia, Victoria, Australia"

The mention of governments in the thread titled "UFO Over Mia Mia, Victoria, Australia " which was closed was not partisan politics, it wasn’t even ‘political’, it’s a little hard to have a discussion about UFOs/aliens (which is what it evolved into) without involving government conspiracies, they go hand in hand, are we being told that we can’t discuss Roswell, or area 51 or numerous other ‘Alien’ type subjects simply they might involve mention of governments?. Questioning the veracity of governments on a subject is NOT discussing politics.

I don’t make a habit of second guessing mods on this forum but this was not a good decision, it’s entirely knee jerk reaction censorship, and I think the thread should be re-opened. This is a grown up forum, I’d like to think I can use the word ‘government’ without a thread immediatley being censored.

It doesn’t make any difference to me, this has nothing to do with him, I’m addressing the issue of not being able to use the word ‘government’ without threads getting closed and the apparant confusion over what constitutes a political discussion which the UFO thread cetainly wasn’t.

This is important, censorship is a sensitive issue and needs to be implemented carefully. Perhaps mod rights should be changed so that a single mod can’t close a thread but need agreement from a second mod. Forums ARE the sum of their threads and the desire of the members to add their input to a thread, closing/deleting one shouldn’t be such a casual action.

It is an idea and I’ll take it to the group for discussion. I’ll re-open thread and close this one instead :wink:

Yes indeed, Molona has been nothing but reasonable, we just had a bit of a misunderstanding over the point I was trying to make but got it sorted out. :slight_smile:

Hearing you on the censorship thing JJ - you know my personal thoughts on that, which are pretty similar to yours.

It’s not practical to have more than one mod make decisions on thread closing however. I like to think that this particular case is unusual, but it’s raised a red flag for discussion so some good has come out of it.

Are you happy with the resolution of this issue?

I’ll take it into consideration… if you don’t mind that the original postener has been banned. The reasons for banning him don’t have anything to do with the thread itself but I think that you should know that he will not be able to post anymore.

And definately, he was the one answering every single post there :slight_smile:

Ok. It seems that today is not our day :smiley:

I re-opened the thread as JJ asked me to. I misunderstood what he wanted and I apologise for it. JJ, I thought that you were simply requesting to re-open the original thread, not that you wanted to talk about something else :slight_smile: