Difference between SQL and MySql server

what is the KEY difference between SQL server and Mysql server in Database implementation???

The key difference is price. Is there a reason for such a pointless question?

both are great. ms sql would be a better choice if you are using it with .net sites; that you can leverage lot of features that comes with it, makes it easy to develop.

For questions like these… Google comes handy :slight_smile:

if you are going to make a recommendation like that, could you please be a bit more specific?

please show us your search terms that brings good results

or were you just guessing?

I wasn’t guessing.
i was mentioning a point, i have read in most forum rules,
“Search google as well as this forum before posting”,
and as far as my search is concerned, well i got one great article on this :
Sorry, i forgot to notice what was my search term :slight_smile:

nice article, lots of scope, but its advice is questionable

too bad it was written when your grandfather was choosing his dbms


SQL simply say as a language. Named as “Structured Query Language” or we can say as a computer language that can be used to access data stored in relational databases. SQL is a paid software.

MySQL is one of several database systems, as RDMS (Relational Database Management System) in other word we can say as MySQL is an actual computer application you can download and install. It is the most popular open-source database management system. MySQL is one of several RDMS’s, others of which are Oracle, Informix, and MSQL.

Above all of these RDMS use SQL as their language. Each of them have minor variations in the “dialect” of SQL that they use, but it’s all still SQL.