How much ASP.NET and SQL Server will cost me more?


I want to develop a web application using ASP.NET and SQL Server. However, my friend told me that using MySQL and PHP will cost me far less. I just want to know how much SQL Server cost me more than MySQL? Is it really a big difference? Considering that the application will be hosted using more than one dedecated server.

Depends if you are buying the software yourself or going with a managed dedicated server from some hosting company. Buying to own versus leasing are different things.

Well, the hosting on windows alone is not very expensive compared to linux. Pricing is actually very similar these days. SQL Server however, is quite expensive, where as MySql is open source and free. So if you host include SQL Server, then great.

You could also look at using SQL Server Express. Express is exactly the same as Enteprise, bar a few restrictions on db size and connections, etc. So if your site is not going to be massive with large amounts of traffic, that will be more than adequate. If that does not sound like it will work and you really want to save money, you must remember that ASP.NET can also use MySql. As well as postgresql. I prefer postgres to that of MySql.

Both angles will cost lots less than the time, effort and resources it takes to launch a product.