Difference between MySQL and SQL Server - Which one is better?

Hi there,

I am working with a client that is looking to use a database that is most effective for speed and efficiency on a popular website. I have experience with MySQL, but have barely touched SQL Server before.

What are the advantages of SQL Server over MySQL, and what major differences are there for the two?

Also, is SQL Server available on a Linux server? Why is MySQL so much more popular over SQL Server?


MySQL is more popular than SQL Server mostly because of the price difference.

both have free versions, and both have commercial licences

sql server runs only on microsoft operating systems

i believe mysql is far more popular than sql server because web hosts who wish to offer sql server cannot use the free version for that purpose, and also need more expensive human resources to support it

Hi, is a difficult to compare two database managment systems only with reading of specifications …
Recently i found an open source benchmark project at http://sourceforge.net/projects/benchmark/ that includes some of the most widespread databases:

Database Benchmark(GNU GPL) on it allows to simulate the performance and behavior of different database managment systems during work with large number of records(etc. 1M, 10М). You can see diagrams of performance, query speed, amount of occupied memory …
to be able to work it must have installed .NET 3.5 (Mono for Linux)