Which is faster and more secure?

Which database is faster in retrieving data and other issues for websites, MS SQL Server or MySQL?

that depends entirely on the skillz of the person setting up the database

say, what is the deal with you asking so many simple generic questions lately? you’ve started a dozen threads like this, and i have a hard time believing you really want to know the answers, or are planning to do something with them

It depends really on what you are using it for. If its a small project, getting SQL Server wouldnt be worth it as its desgined for like thousands of rows of data in tables. Although MySql is limited in some parts it is still a good starting point.

more like tens or hundreds… of millions :slight_smile:

and so is mysql!! :slight_smile:

it’s good that you replied, I thought that just MS SQL can deal with big issues. :slight_smile:

mysql has some extremely large database too… like billions of rows

Now storing data in both will make the size of the database the same or is there a difference, assume that we want to store the same data exactly?

same size exactly

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