Do you use MS SQL Server?

Hi Everyone,

I see that a large number of us are using MySQL, MononDB and the likes. However. I am curious, is there anyone in here who uses Microsoft SQL Server ('08, '12 and '14) or do you know anyone who uses it? I am simply trying to establish a baseline. Thank you very much for the help and support.

I use PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Informix

Why do you aks?

i use MS SQL Server only when i have to, and only under duress

Can anyone put you in such a situation? :smiley:

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lol @molona olona’s comment


I am on my way to be SQL Server 2012 Certified, so I am trying to establish in terms of startups and freelancing how wide of audience is using it.

I guess, Oracle would be my next cert. thanks a bunch!

Then you should be more specific. I use Oracle, Informix and SQL Server because those are the databases used where I’m working at. But it is a large corporation.

For my smaller customers and my freelancing, I use MySQL and PostgreSQL. They’re free and they’re in most hosting company with no extra cost (in the case of SQL Server, you do have to pay a bit more as it runs under Windows)

Many small companies do use SQL Server because that’s the only thing they heard of, or because the software they use (like a TPV or a stock control software) use it.

Small companies don’t choose their databases, most of the time. If they did, many would stick to Access. Most of them, what they used is not chosen by them but by the software they use.

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Thank you very much for your response! You’re absolutely right that their database of choice is usually driven by the software that they use. That cannot be helped, in most cases.

lol @ Microsoft Access Database. Not too long ago, a friend referred me to a small company for database revamping. When I took on the project, it came to my attention that they have been using Excel spreadsheets and Access to store all of their information. Each department pretty much had their separate spreadsheet, and the worse part was that they were not even on a shared drive. At the end of each business day, they will all email their spreadsheet to an Excel guru, would then combine them the following day. Reporting was nightmare, to say the least!

To come up with a schema took me nearly three months. They wanted to remain on Microsoft Access, simply because the managers thought they would have to break their budget/bank accounts. In this case, I explained to them that there are free solutions out there that would answer to their needs. MySQL was the database engine that I ended up recommending to them.

It’s hard, not to say impossible at times, to enlighten the less tech-savvy that a free product does not mean it’s bad/defective or insecure. Explaining to them in layman’s term how it would both automate and make their business more efficient was easy, but it always come down to one question: How can it be free? That always put a smile on my face :smile:.

'Til today they are still on MySQL and very happy with their choice.

I just passed the 70-461 and got two more to go.

Again, thank you very much for your response. I’ll see you around on the forum.



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