Having problem in Apple MacBook MB402ZP/A

hi i have some kind of heating problem in my apple laptop so it restart automatically again and again and i am disappointed with this kind of problem
may be their is some problem in my fan and my warranty is over so should i go to service center

do you know what I have a problem with?
I have a problem with people registering 2 or more accounts, posting questions and then answering them with a different username.

This causes me no end of problems as I now have to go through all the accounts and BAN THEM ALL.
This is apparently a technique used for SEO - but all it actually does is annoy people and give the clients a really bad rep.

Its too hot to be messing around like that dont you think?
How can you resolve that problem?

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If you have some problem in your laptop fan then their must be heating problem so you must go to nearest laptop repair shop and repair your laptop because if fan doesn’t work properly then laptop generate more heat it will destroy your processor so go and repair your laptop

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