Daily Motion VoD Revenue Not Reported

I am a Pay Per View Video Producer on Daily Motion, offering instructional videos priced at $4.99 or $7.99 based on length. The daily stats show many views – one collecting 6,500+ views in several hours. Total for all since the channel was launched in mid-April approximate 20,000 views according To the stats provided in real time by Daily Motion. All attempts to get an accounting of total revenue have been futile. Anyone have an idea of what I might be doing wrong? <snip/>
Thanks for your help!

Have you tried to contact their help support or read their faqs? As much as I would love to help you, I don’t use Daily Motion so I don’t have a clue why you can’t see your accounting but since it is their service, Daily Motion should be able to help

Thanks, Molona. Yes, I’ve done all the customary things to find out why no accounting of funds that appear to be due me isn’t forthcoming. They have a “contact us” address that results in vague, barely literate (they use phrases like “we need more informations”) responses that just don’t explain a thing. One response blamed a “computer glitch,” another proclaimed that my account was “pending.” I opened a PayPal account as they suggested and they have assured me that it’s acceptable to them for transfer of the funds. Their Pay-Per-View video distribution arrangement is 70% to the producer 30% to them payable quarterly. I began uploading the pay-per-view videos in mid-April. Each video has a “stats” section on the dashboard that reflects in real time the views being logged in around the world. I monitor these daily and see steady increases in paid views. One particularly successful video is a backstage tour of the Dean Martin Roasts (I was a writer on the show) that has collected 750+ views. Another on monologue writing has collected in excess of 7,000 views. I just wondered if anyone who has dealt with collecting $$$ from Daily Motion might suggest what’s happening here. I appreciate any input or suggestions. Thanks!