Looking for some advice on a new path

I own a training site for a very specialized programming platform of which I am on the pro end of using it myself.

Here is what I am thinking about.

The platform itself can be expensive and then the user has to learn it.

I offer a one-time payment of $97 for access to all of the 160+ videos that I have created. I also have a standing discount price of $47 if ANYONE ask me for it. (I do that for a reason…too long of a back story here.) OH! I also provide a ZIP file of 300+ source code files for helping the user as well.

Anyway, I still want to help the newbies that cannot afford the training after buying the platform.

So I was thinking about starting a newsletter “Learn X in 7 Days”.

I was initially thinking that I would charge $5 but making it Free might keep these newbies longer especially if I continue cranking out helpful tutorials beyond the 7 days. AND my List will grow.

Advertising my membership within the newsletter will be done too. I will also provide source code and a brief PDF about the lesson but no video since I want them to create a desire for getting that membership.

Is there anything missing from this plan that you would do?


Only thing missing is trying the plan. And remember, no business plan survives first contact with a customer. So, be prepared to make changes.


Thanks! Yes you are correct. The thing so far is that I have my Brand and name recognition in this tight niche. I am considering this just another little off-chute.