Value Click Media Payment

Hi guys,

I was wondering did you guys receive any payment from Value Click Media from yesterday? It seems they issue the payment only on the 20th. I haven’t receive any payment yet.

They seemed a bit slower this time, but mine showed up last night.

that’s odd, I don’t seems to get mine yet :frowning: Is yours via paypal?

I got mine via paypal

I think the problem is that I just joined the network last month, so VCM payout terms will be 20 days?

Yeah that could be it.

ValueClick pay NET 20 once your account has reached $25 and are about as reliable as they come.

If you think something is amiss, their support staff are normally pretty on the ball, so it might be worth contacting them directly.

Yeap, do you by any chance know their operating hours? Are they open on Saturday?

I don’t I’m afraid. I’m sure they’ll have some support staff in over the weekend in case of emergencies, but no-idea beyond that.

i got paid on time

Thank you :slight_smile: