Lack of Banner Revenue since April - HORRIFIED - any help?

To cut a long story short, here is an email I’ve sent VCM

Dear ValueClick,

Please accept that this query is URGENT and handle as a matter of priority.

I haven’t been able to check my reporting statistics in months and I am absolutely horrified to find that since March, my earnings have decreased unbelievably.

I’ve pinpointed it from the 6th April onward something has happened, which has seen virtually any revenue from ANY of my banner sources. I am defaulting to ValueClick FROM TribalFusion and nothing has changed on that end, and it’s all as it should be.

Checking last month, I defaulted around 2.5 million to VC banners and according to your console, VC only accounted for 47k of them and $17!! In March I was accounting for AT LEAST $500 from banners, so something has happened in that time.

Can you PLEASE check this urgently and as a matter of priority, because of something has gone wrong, I have essentially lost 5 months of revenue.

Now, I’m yet to receive a reply but I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug in their system as the payments all tally correctly. Unfortunately I’ve not checked for months and I was horrified when I logged in last night… As I said, I used to make about $500-600 from banners alone on ValueClick and now not even 10% of that - I’ve checked ads are still running and they are, but their eCPM’s are horribly horribly low.

My traffic has decreased slightly, but nothing to warrant this. Financially, I am pretty much in the mire without VCM performing on banners because then I only have TribalFusion and Adsdaq who perform well - and google ad sense are very poor for me. Unfortunately I can’t get into Casale or Burst at the moment either.

Anyone got any ideas?