Copyscape and Siteliner

Hi, I have questions to ask about the copyscape and siteliner

Past few days I try to check my website for uniqueness on copyscape, i got no duplicate content for the result. then copyscape suggest i check my website by using siteliner and the result came out about 77% duplicate content for whole of my website. Most of them duplicate within my website content and design such as pages, banner, link and some of them on the content. Any opinion from experience sitepoint member? Thank you in advance.

[FONT=verdana]The big difference between Copyscape and Siteliner is that Copyscape looks for duplicate content across the entire web. Siteliner only looks for internal duplicate content.

Siteliner might be useful for identifying content that you might have accidentally duplicated within your site. But it does not tell you if your content has been plagiarised by third parties. For that, you should use Copyscape.

Siteliner has a couple of other uses as well. It can detect broken internal links,and it can tell you which pages cannot be crawled, for example because of robots.txt. The tool is still being developed, so it might acquire more features later.


That explained well…thank you buddy…