Is copyscape good for duplicate content checking?
I have put pages through which have passed with no results found but these pages all had a few lines of dupe content.
What are people using to check before publishing their pages?

There’s a few other options out there, but in my experience, Copyscape still works the best. There’s CopyGator and Plagium, but you have to copy and paste your text on that one.

I agree with @TWeber_TheSBA - Copyscape is the best tool for plagiarism checking. A lot of people are employing it since it provides the best results available these days.

It is literally impossible (pun intended) to write content that has not been duplicated to some extent. A simple search in Google will tell you that. Every single word or phrase I have written here can be found somewhere online. It seems that Copyscape has the algorithm that can cut to the meat of the topic (i.e. the original idea behind the words), which is the intellectual property.

I don’t know if copyscape really check the double content. I have a blog that copied my posts. He copied my 23 posts. Most of them have a lots of comments.

Copyscape doesn’t check for duplicates unless you run the content through it. It isn’t a search engine. It’s a tool that you can use to find what sites have copied your content.

Is there any alternative tool to check duplicate content on my website?

If you had taken the time to read through this thread, you would have seen that two others have been mentioned. There are also other threads in this forum that mention plagiarism checkers. All you need do is a simple search.

I am using ‘copyscape’ tool. It is working nice for my site. I am having a group of content writers who writes quality and original content for my website. I think, you can use it without having any doubt and improve the quality of the content, because duplicate content harm your site.

Based on my experience, copyscape is very helpful. It’s very effective in getting your articles approve and creating high quality articles.

consensus reached. Copyscape is a good thing.

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