Duplicate Content Checking

I am searching for free 100% result oriented duplicate content writing software like copyscape

If you Google search duplicate content checker online you can find lot of them which are free

plagspotter is one of them

dupefreepro is also one which you can use

hope this helps

Another site that help me to check for duplicate content is the follow:


100% result oriented duplicate content writing software like copyscape

(Emphasis added.)

Did you meant duplicate content checking software? There’s a big difference.

By the way, Copyscape also has a free service - but it is limited to just a few searches at a time.


btw, if you know your site is getting scraped by other sites, make sure you include internal links to other, relevant blog posts in your content.
That way you get free links whenever your content gets scraped and reposted by other sites.

Plagspotter is one of the best duplicate content checking tool , You can get best results by using this tool. Providing unique and fresh content really helps a lot in link building and drives good traffic to your website.

So far I know Copyscape is not free.


Copyscape has a free service and a paid-for service. The free service only displays the first ten results for a given search; it limits you to a given number of searches at a time (can’t remember exactly how many); and it only does a search based on an existing web page (rather than on any text that you want to give it, which is useful for checking unplublished articles).

Even with those limitations, the free Copyscape is quite useful. If you’re seriously worried about plagiarism, the paid-for service might be worth considering.


thank you for your helpful reply.

Please can you tell me how can I overcome duplicate content problem ?


If you mean you want to get rid of plagiarised content, I suggest you start with the following article:

Dealing with copyright infringements of your web page or blog *

Follow the various links in the article for specific actions you can take. I’ve often done that myself, and have had a reasonable success rate.

(* Full disclosure: I help edit the site on which the above article appears.)


You can fight duplicate content and you may even win much of the time, particularly if the website stealing the content is hosted on a server in the United States and subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

“Overcoming” the duplicate content problem is another story. If you have good content, chances are people will continue to steal it and you will have to continue to fight. It is a never ending battle.

Through copyscape you will be able to find copied content of web page that you have published on website. But how you come to know about duplicate content if you didn’t published your content (article/blogs) and want to check before publish it.


Actually, CopyScape does let you do that - but only the paid version. It lets you upload any HTML or plain text, and then checks the content for duplicates. No doubt some other plagiarism checkers do that too.


How accurate are these applications? I mean if the one who is stealing content, changes it a little, would it still be detected as copied content? We had something like this on college, for detecting copied scripts. It was pretty accurate, but very resource hungry. So I wonder how good is this software at detecting?

copyscape is excellent. It not only checks the entire text, but will pick out duplicate phrases.

I agree I think copyscape is great. It’s found 2 blogs that were using my posts

Plagspotter is a great tool, so also is Copyscape, they are both good.

You can always search in google a certain phrase from your article and see where else it`s indexed. Just use “” for exact phrase search.

You can also go for duplichecker tool, its online and free upon registration.