How to find out the duplicate content?

Hello, Friends is there any tool to be available for find out the Duplicate Content that already exists on another page.?

This is one:

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Try Siteliner, its good for finding duplicated content.

If it is a specific article, one of the most simple and free ways is just to copy a complete sentence, then Google it in quote marks.

“A sentence of text from an article on my site”

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Really thanks for your words.

You can use Grammarly. It checks if your content has duplicate on the internet or plagiarized. But I’m not sure if it’s free.

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You can use for internal duplicate content or just do it manually by copying and and pasting lines from the content on the search.

Does it find duplicate suggestions in forum posts?

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Great info, thanks for the advice guy!

Just do a simple Google search “plagiarism checker” and you’ll find many such as the preferred one is copyscape.

I noticed that all plagiaristic checkers work only with content which only exists in their databeses or in index of SE…
Googd copywriter check the articles uniqness before they go alive… And there are cases when you need to feel the site with about 100 articles…how to check their uniqness relatively to one anothe if they are not existing in google index?

It’s Simple you can choose two option one is Copyscape and second is use this trick
“Content” and searcher in google … :smile:

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where does it work? In what programm?

You can detect plagiarism at this site:

I personally use this one and im very satisfied with it. But it only allows up to 1000 words per search.

Duplichecker is great.
You can give it a shot,

I suggest and Small SEO Tool’s Plagiarism checker. For cross checking plagiarism, I use both tools.

Different tools give you different results. Just cross check with one or more tools.

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The following lists of content checker are absolutely free…

  • Copyscape

  • Duplicheker

  • Plagiarisma

  • Plagium

You can Try Small SEO Tools which I personally recommend.