Converting PSD 2 HTML with editable text

Hi, I am using PS CS2 for designing my website. but problem is
when i save it in .html format the text is not editable. while i
have seen ready made online templates which are made in PS and
saved as .html with editable text. how do i do it? Thanks.

you have to edit the html using dreamweaver, photoshop just doing the desing work. after slicing, open the html in dreamwevaer, delete the image text part and manually type the text

Or don’t rely on PS to export HTML for you, just use it to slice out the parts of the layout needed and code it using whatever HTML editor you like best. :slight_smile:

You need to slice up the graphics in photoshop and then import it into dreamweaver.

Yeah the export directly to html from PS is crap. If you want to get really good results you’ll have to do it by hand in dreamweaver or any other IDE.

I’ve written a basic tutorial about this. It might be helpful.

I wouldn’t recommend exporting it from Photoshop directly to HTML. If you want to learn this stuff you should type it by hand.

Yes, that’s right. You must exert extra effort on slicing the photoshop design then insert those sliced images in your Dreamweaver web design layout. That’s the way to do it. :slight_smile:

make sure that when you slice up your design and save out the images, make sure you dont display your text so you can then add it in when you are in dreamweaver