I need a program for making PSD to HTML manually. Adobe Photoshop CS, CC or something else?


I have one PSD graphic which I have to cut into HTML. I have only Adobe Photoshop CS2 with Slice Tool now. Should I download newer version of Photoshop to cut PSD into HTML or should I take other program to this?


Have you carried out an online search for what you want to do?

You could probably use a online graphics editor to cut up an image.


I have got layout of webpage in PSD with many layers + rwd. I need really good program.


Have you tried this one pdstoweb I found on the first page of a Google search?

I would have thought psd to html was not a good idea as it is unlikely to be responsive.


I want use program on PC, not online. This psdtoweb has limit only 90 MB (my PSD has over 200 MB). I need do it manually. There are many layers.


Why do you think CS2 will not do the job?