Sliceing photoshop web layout effectivly

I am trying to use a photoshop layout that i created but i am having issues with slicing it effectively. I am in using photoshop to create web layouts. I can’t seem to get it cut up so that i can put it together effectively. anyone have any suggestions.

Hi and welcome to SitePoint.

It all depends on the style of image and what the site looks like.
Personally I put together a psd of a site, then duplicate it and crop out the elements I need to build the site.

I dont use photoshop slicing as it is too vauge and generates some BAD code!

What does your site look like?!

I figured that slicing the PSD file was the only way to cut up the file in order to use it with a website. I didn’t know i could just duplicate, flatten then crop out what i want. I have attached a jpg of my PSD file. Thanks for the help.

Think of using photoshop to create a website like making a shed (at least, using tables not css). You need to create the frame of the document then put all the pretty panels in place.

Use a pen, draw up how the page will work, note down your heights and widths, draw up the tables, use slices, then use save-for-web to optimise and output all the graphics.

Then, in dreamweaver you build the framework for the panels (graphics) to fit into, adjust or re-export where necessary and keep on building.

Photoshop slices are good (although in CS4 Adobe has seriously screwed slices and guides), the automatic website builder is bad.

Hope this helps!

Dare I say it, but that sounds a bit ‘old-skool’ to me. I’m not sure if you’re suggesting using tables for layout, but really it’s not an efficient way to work, and I mainly associate image slicing with table-based layouts.

@kbeaulieu I would do most of the layout you showed above just with code. Really only the logo and the title need Ps. Even if I used images for other bits, I would create them individually in Ps rather than as one bit image. I guess it doesn’t matter either way, really. But like spikeZ, I use crop rather than slice.

Definitely a fair call for layout and building but it’s still a brilliant way of getting all your assets quickly and easily. :slight_smile:

So do I, it’s a technique (that like most self taught designers I’d imagine) I arrived after much experimenting and trial and error, it’s just the easiest way to do it and I’ve been doing it for years and years now.

Don’t what I’d do without the crop tool!