Content Marketing Strategy

Hello Guys,
Can you say, sharing content on major social media profiles can help to get more traffic?
Do you think it is effective than article submission?


Yes sharing your content on social media networks is effective for getting more traffic because you are getting more exposure for your website. This assumes that you have a following on a network to share things with.

I think it can be similar to article submission in that you get a link (although most are no-follow from social), if profile’s are public the post gets indexed and in general social signals (people interacting with content) are very good for search. I believe article submission isn’t what it used to be, there are few reputable sites left, and search engines are starting to catch on to spammy tactics used on article submission sites.

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Social media is very important for us now days as compared to article submission. Through social media optimization we can easily boost out website traffic easily. We can also make friends on social, we can share our thoughts and we can also join groups on social media. In article what we do is only posting of article.

If your focus is only traffic, then Social Networking is the best option along with this do some other activities like Guest Blogging, Info-graphic Sharing, Slide-share Publishing. Make sure the content which you are sharing is original and informative, otherwise it might affect reversely to your site.

As with just about everything you do, how you do it matters much more than simply doing it.

If simply using the words “Facebook strategy” constituted a legitimate Facebook strategy, then many of this site’s visitors would be doing much better financially.

There are many ways that an article marketing strategy and a social strategy would both be effective, but if you are approaching the situation like you are required to pick 1 and only 1 way to market your site, then that is a very lazy approach and you will probably be very disappointed in the amount of search engine traffic your site receives.

If you want to have a successful site, you will need to write LOTS of content EVERY DAY, and you will need to promote it on SEVERAL PLATFORMS and your goal should be to make it generate a social buzz amongst the community (real people, not just robot followers). Try to actually give the users something they want instead of tricking Google.

Absolutely!! Consistently sharing or posting content on social media sites helps you earn lot of traction (mainly traffic), also helps in creating brand awareness, helps in building a engaging user base or a community of your own.

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