Put content on my own site or elsewhere?

This is something I have been thinking about for a while and I wanted to get a bit of feedback on it.

When you have a piece of content that you have produced, how do you decide whether it is better on your website, or better elsewhere?

For example, is there an advantage to having a Facebook page for your product rather than having a support forum on your website?

Another example is images, how do you decide whether a gallery of images is best on Flickr or added as a new page to your own website?

There are many other examples, but how do you decide to draw the line?

I think it doesn’t hurt firstly to have everything on your site.
But then you can have some of your content on social sites because of the users they already have and who will be interested in your page on those sites. Then some of them will also come to your site to explore ohter parts of your content.

Its better to share our content on the social networking sites and getting people from there and making them to read our content on the website.

It will be always good to put your content or article on your own site and when it get indexed you can post it to other article sites with giving a link back to your site.

For content, if I have a strong piece, I’d rather have it featured on my site. I will sometime then write a spin-off or a summary of the article and post that second different version on social networks or article directories.

I don’t like the idea of posting the same exact article on my site and on other websites as well.

Well I think it will be better to have all the contents in your own sites then if you think your site has enough contents then its time to put your stuff somewhere else that way it help you gain traffic.

Better question: Should the articles offsite be different than those you put on site, to draw people in. After all, people may be resistant to go to another site. And, if different, how?

I await some lively and thorough discussion.

Actually it’s good to post the article in different sites to generate more money. Just make sure the keywords are different.
If you use “weight loss” to write one article, you can post in your blog, and rewrite with “lose weight”. This change of keyword means rewriting cerrtain sentences. In this case, the second article will have certain percentage of unique content.

Facebook page would certainly help you a lot for the best visibility source on the web now a days, for images i would say Flickr is good, just add this link to your web site. you are done.

Probably you may place a part of your content on a Facebook page for your product and write there - To read more about it go there and a redirect to your website where you placed the whole article.

Today facebook is one of the effective way of marketing and you can promote product online through it. I think every brands need pontential customers. and Facebook can provide you

and Facebook can provide you

Apparently there are a couple of things Facebook doesn’t provide. 1)Writing skill 2)A cure for the kind of cargo cult magical thinking surrounding technology

I put content everywhere. It is so time consuming to create it all, but the rankings for keywords as well as the traffic on certain pages is really worth the effort.

You have two choices with the content,

  1. Submit to article directories
  2. Run a blog and drive traffic to it, that will help you to interact with your visitors and have more hits on your website.

You can do link building and promote your site in order to have traffic.

I’m starting to think article directories are really the way to go with this.

so is it ok if i have an article on my own site and submit it to article directories? :rolleyes:

Yes its okay to have article then submit it.

Start a blog and post here.
use Social Media for promoting these contents over the web.

I guess the best way is to see what other people are doing…
follow that and you will never fall.
as simple as that :slight_smile: