Coming soon: The Golden Post Prize Program

I’ve been banging on for long enough now about raising the quality of posts around here and I’ve talked about the measures that we’ve put in place to get rid of the low quality posts - now it’s time to reward you for the high quality ones!

What Is It?
The Golden Post Prize Program is going to run for the entire month of May (starting Monday 3rd May) and is designed as an incentive for putting an extra effort into your posts. Those posts may be really well thought out and original questions or really great answers - it doesn’t matter. If it’s good, we’ll reward you.

How Does It Work?
The staff will be cruising the forums on the look out for your Golden Posts. There will be one from each area of the forum (eg Design Your Site, Manage Your Site etc). Every Monday I’ll be announcing the winners from the previous week and linking to their winning posts. (Note that we don’t guarantee a prize for each area - there has to be a deserving post.)

What Can We Win?
Each winner is entitled to the SitePoint book of their choice - either the printed format or the digital pack (PDF, Mobi and ePub) if it is available.

So keep your eye out for the reminder on May 3rd and get ready to pull out your best Golden Posts.

Sounds like a great idea to encourage quality posts by all. :slight_smile: We do have some good posters on the forum so everyone will need to raise their game accordingly.

I’m still going to write crap posts!

A long post is not necessarily a good post; a short post is not necessarily a bad post. :wink:

Whilst I don’t anticipate any announcements as to what constitutes a good post (this would contaminate the results), it would be interesting to find out (once the “competition” is finished) what were the criteria for a “Golden Post”. :slight_smile:


I always write great posts… :irock:

Just kidding. Looking forward to read some interesting stuff :slight_smile:

I’ve already noticed some fantastic posts on the forum by newbies, this should really help raise the content quality of the forums in general (it’s much needed!). :slight_smile:

Well, I prepped some stuff already :smiley:

You’ve never made a bad post in your life.

Thank you much :slight_smile:

It would be great if there was some way to vote for posts that are a cut above the rest. One of those “thank you” thumbs up buttons. I often read awesome posts and feel like I want to aknowledge it and thank the author, but obviously I don’t want to post fluff :slight_smile:
I know… open to abuse… but sites that do this, also tend to limit the number of posts each user can vote for per day and I imagine that there are other methods too.

If at any point you felt it was becoming too much of a popularity contest, then you could simply award alternative ‘medals’ to the winners :slight_smile:

We actually have that on our list of things to talk to death and then do nothing about. :wink:

Kidding… it is something that I’m currently taking into consideration. Thanks.

Aaaaaaah! Well that’s really an appreciable idea. Already some posts here are banging and seems to be the good one’s . Don’t consider the shorter one’s is bad and the longer is good. See the content and then reward them.